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Madina Sharif, home to Al-Masjid an-Nawabi, the Prophet Mohammadﷺ Mosque, is the second-holiest city for Muslims. As Prophet Muhammadﷺ began receiving revelations from Allah(SWT), he escaped from persecution to Madina. 

When Prophet Muhammadﷺ first arrived in Madina, it is said that he erected the mosque close to his home. Prophet  Muhammadﷺ was able to build a following of people who would aid him in spreading his message because he and his message were widely received in Madina. 

Muslims also hold that some of Prophet Muhammadﷺ final revelations came to him from Allah(SWT) in Madina.

Khoobsoorat Gumbad e Khizra png
Gumbad e Khizra png Madina Sharif
Blessed roza mubarak of jaliya mubarak
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