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The most significant location in the Islamic world is the Holy Kaaba. The Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, the most significant mosque in Islamic civilization, contains the cube-shaped structure covered in black fabric.

 The structure, which Muslims around the world regard as “Beit Allah”—Allah’s  home—determines their direction of prayer. Hazrat-e-Ibrahim and his son Hazrat-e-Ismail constructed the Kaaba as per Allah’s commands, and it served as the world’s first place of worship.

 The Black Stone of Kaaba is said to have been handed to Hazrat-e-Ibrahim by the angel Jibreel during the construction of the Kaaba, where he placed in the building’s eastern corner. 

The Black Stone of Kaaba is thought to be one of the few pieces of Hazrat-e-Ibrahim’s original construction, while the rest of the building was often destroyed and rebuilt over the course of the Kaaba’s existence for maintainance.

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